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Waizee provides the quick insights into your data

Waizee ("Why-ZEE") provides an API for a scatter chart visualization. We also offer visualization, analytics and data collection consulting.

For businesspeople who want quick decisions without hiring a team of Data Scientists, Waizee speeds time from data collection to business execution. We examine your businesses data, test it against rules generated from dozens of similar projects, and refines the data into a quick view of the most key items. We do this with a mix of our own internally developed software and our experience in analytics consulting.

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What We Offer

The Analytic Software That Learns You

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Early analytic software required users to learn obscure commands and codes. Waizee belongs to a new generation of analytic tools that turn this concept around. Waizee learns how you work and adapts to you.

Waizee runs on Google's servers. You download it from Chrome Marketplace and pull in data from your Google spreadsheet.

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Software Products Plus Consulting


- Our first product is a predictive analytics product that understands your data and shows you only what is most important.



- While producing our analytics software, we have had a great response to our scatter chart built with the D3.js visualization library. We now offer this chart as an API for other products and developers.



- We also offer analytics consulting services. With domain experience in consumer sales, telecoms and electronics supply chain, we can help you understand your data and interpret the story that it tells.


About Us

Silicon Valley Startup

Like many data visualization fans, we have found inspiration in the work of Edward Tufte. Our efforts have been to put his design sensibilities into our software.

Waizee was founded in 2012. We have launched our first product in the predictive analytics space and are now focusing on our Scatter Chart API.

Check out our blog for the latest thoughts from the world of number crunching.